The DALLAS EDUCATION COLLECTIVE (DEC) shall build & open public charter schools in the City of Dallas’ most underserved educational environments and shall continue to do so until every student in Dallas has access to a high-quality education. Addressing the education gap in the areas of greatest need, thereby ending the cycle of poverty for many while preparing the next generation of Dallas’ workforce. To achieve this, we have five primary roles and responsibilities:


Raising capital to attract, support, and empower high-performing charter school operators and other local non-profits who serve the educational needs of children living in poverty.


Building and activating an innovative multidisciplinary ecosystem to address the education gap in economically disadvantaged areas.


Community engagement among key stakeholders, to include educators, community leaders and families.



Serve as a community voice in support of programs and policies that will improve public education for the economically disadvantaged families in our community.


Keeping all stakeholders accountable.